General Charles Wald Visits the Marie Rudel Portner Germans from Russia Room

North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo
December 17, 2004

Photographs by Kathryn Hollenhorst Thomas and Dan Koeck

General Wald reviews 1937 map of Germany Michael Miller and General Wald review historic 1877 map of Black Sea region.
General Wald and Michael Miller discussing German-Russian foods with posters of documentaries in the background. Michael Miller presents General Wald with the Children of the Steppe/Prairie Crosses DVD and the book, German Food and Folkways, Heirloom Memories from Europe, South Russia and the Great Plains.
General Wald views West Germany's national map with city location, surrounded by the border of Stadt (city) crests on rayon table cloth. Gift from the Victor Knell Collection. General Wald and Michael Miller review German-Russian publications.

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