Letter from Svitlana Hirska, Shirokolanovka Orphanage, September, 2001

Dear American Friends,

We all are very thankful to you for your kindness and sincerity, for your kind souls and hearts. I remember your visit this spring, and I'm looking forward to our next meeting. Our life became better. We bought clothes, shoes and lots of other things with your money. We had a good rest at the camp in summer, and I want that we go on spending our holidays at the camp. We wait for you to come and visit at our school again and again. We are always glad to see you.

We know about your tragedy in the US and we sympathize with you. On that day we were mourning together with you. But I think all will turn for the best.

A lot of guests came to see us on our first day of school, the First School Bell Ring holiday. They brought many presents. They wished only good for us, and we wish only the best for you as well.
I go to the 9th grade. I'm 14. I do well at school. It's the last year at school for me, but I don't want to leave the school. I like it here. I'm very grateful to all of you for your sincerity and kindness. I know it's hard for you in these times, but I think and hope there will be peace on Earth and all people will be happy. I want it very much, and I dream of visiting America.

A poem to long remember

The school is my home
The school is my native piece of land
It's the best at school - remember it well

And there happened to be people
With kind hearts
To help the little orphans all the time

Accept our sincere gratitude
For your golden hands
That you haven't forgotten
About us in this life

We are very thankful to you for your kindness and care.

With love,

Svitlana Hirska

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