Letter from Tetyana Hustilina, Shirokolanovka Orphanage, September, 2001

How do you do, all our American friends!

With joy we remember the day you came to see us in May. We were waiting for you a long time. We will remember that day forever. We are very grateful to you for all the good you've done for us, and that you're so generous to send us large sums of money. We are thankful. With the money you gave us we bought clothes, shoes and renovated our school. In the summer we went to the summer camp "Orlyatko" to have a rest. I didn't like it there because I missed the orphanage very much. When we came back, the school was already renovated and a new entrance door was installed. Everything got painted and whitewashed.

We all know a great tragedy took place over there in America. And we grieved together with you at the orphanage.

We had a celebration on September the 1st. Guests came to our First School Bell Ring celebration. They brought us many gifts, too. They don't forget about us as well as you, our American friends. Now we're getting prepared for the Teacher's Day. We are preparing a concert for the teachers. We have a strong desire to reward them for their care for us.

And yet we study. And after classes we go to work. We harvest tomatoes and onions in the field. We want to earn some vegetables for the winter for us to have something to eat during the winter.

In my spare time I like to watch TV, to sing songs, to learn poems.

Tetyana Hustilina

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