Handmade Quilts for the Shirokolanovka Boarding School, Ukraine

Former German village of Landau, Beresan District, today near Odessa, Ukraine

Photography by Ervin Schielke, Beulah, North Dakota

The quilts were made at the home of Ervin and Vi Kruckenberg Schielke, Beulah, North Dakota from February 4-11, 2002, working eight days of 14-16 hour days for a total of twenty finished quilts. (10 small and 10 large quilts).

Our appreciation is extended to the Schielkes and to the Knutsons for their valuable gift of the handmade quilts taken to the Ukraine orphanage in May, 2002 by Journey to the Homeland Tour members. The quilts are presented to the staff and children of the orphanage on Sunday, June 2, 2002.

Left to right, Ervin Schielke, Vi (Kruckenberg) Schielke, Carl Knutson & Arlene (Kruckenberg) Knutson with several of the finished quilts for the Russian orphanages. Arlene (Kruckenberg) Knutson ironing used drapes after opening all side seams and pleats.
Carl Knutson (shown) and Ervin Schielke cut apart all the used clothes and cut them into proper size squares. Vi (Kruckenberg) Schielke sewing on the label while Carl Knutson continues cutting squares.
Arlene (Kruckenberg) Knutson is labeling the quilt rows after laying it out. Vi (Kruckenberg) Schielke, Arlene (Kruckenberg) Knutson and Carl Knutson.
Vi (Kruckenberg) Schielke at the sewing machine and just some of the cut quilt squares needed to do up the 20 quilts for 2002. Quilts cut, laid out and restacked ready for sewing for the 2003 Russian orphanage quilts.


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