Letter from Shirokolanovka Orphanage, September, 2001

Dear Michael!

How much time has passed since we last met and we still live with the pleasant memories of those unforgettable hours during which we spoke together. With joy and pride we tell every one who visits us about your priceless help, unselfishness, about your kind and sensitive hearts. We show photos made by you. Thank you very much for them! We also thank you for your letter.

We are sorry we couldn't answer you earlier but we had good reasons that can be explained.

We are deeply worried about the events that happened in your country on September 11. Please accept our condolences. We want all the people in the whole world to live without wars, to solve all the problems peacefully and we want our planet to be surrounded by the aura of the good.

On September the 1st our new school year began. The children had a wonderful rest in the summer camps. By the beginning of the school year we finished routine repairs of the buildings - whitewashing and painting. A part of money that you gave us was also used for the repairs.
For your money we bought a freezer, a water boiler, tires and spare parts for the bus and the car.

I have good news for you, Michael: the lavatories that scared you so much received WC pans installed.

It's still warm outside and after classes we go with children to gather vegetables with the farmers this way earning vegetables for the winter.

The autumn has brought more work on the orphanage ground with it. But we still find time for the children to have rest. The children prepare concerts devoted to this season of the year and to the harvest. We organize interesting sport competitions for them either.

We try to do everything for the years in which the children stay at the orphanage leave pleasant memories of it in their hearts.

Thank you very much for helping us to fulfil this task.

Please give the words of our gratitude to all who are acquainted with us, who are concerned with our children.

Best regards,

Tetyana, Maria, Valentina and all the children from the orphanage

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