Quilts from Benedict, North Dakota

The women of Concordia Lutheran Church, Benedict, ND, prepared quilts in the winter of 1999-2000 for the Lighthouse Orphanage, Odessa, Ukraine, and the Shirokolanovka Orphanage, Ukraine (former German village of Landau, Beresan District).

The hand-made quilts were prepared by: Carolyn Krueger Gullickson, Cecilia Stein Hauf, Dorothy Melin Kohler, Anna Gullickson Kohler, Hilda Boger Kohler, Julie Martin Kohler, Twila Bostow Olson, Helen Melin Schock, Lu Ann Lorenz Tomlinson, Ruby Boger Westman, Selma Olson Westman, and Lee George Wetsch.

Bonnie Stein writes: "We are a small congregation. Most of us are farm wives and are need at home during spring thru fall. We begin quilting in January and quite at Easter time. In 1999, we made 141 quilts."

(l-r): Lu Ann Lorenz Tomlinson, Ruby Boger Westman, and her sister, Hilda Boger Kohler quilting at Concordia Lutheran Church.
Cecilia Stein Hauf (back) and Twila Bostow Olson (front) sorting donations of materials and boxing finished quilts.
All completed quilts are draped on the altar reailings, pews and pulpit for dedication on Palm Sunday, April, 2000, at Concordia Lutheran Church, Benedict, ND.

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