Letter from Tatyana Bondarchuk

Glinoye, Moldova
July 28, 2002

Dear Michael,

On behalf of children and teachers of our school thank you very much for the beautiful gift you sent us delivered by Pavel Pratchuk. Now we have the possibility to watch TV programs and video films in our school museum.

In spite of summer holidays, we continue our work. We wrote an article for the newspaper "Dnjestr Region" about our relations with the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, we prepared an album of photos on the history of the construction of the monument and the museum, we work with the materials that you have sent to the Kammerer's.

We wish you all the best in your work. This work is needed not only for the descendents of German from Russia, but also for all educated people. We believe that your activity on the preservation of the heritage of Germans from Russia and the trips to the Fatherland that you organize is a very special cultural phenomenon.

Greetings from Glueckstal,

Tatyana Bondarchuk
Director of the Museum
Main School at Glinoye, Moldova

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