Letter from Chairperson of Committee on Education

The Supreme Soviet of the Moldova Republic [12 point bold]
25 October Street 45
3300 Tiraspol, Moldova

May 24, 2002

To: Students and teachers of the Secondary School
__ Village Glinnoje, Grigoriopolsky Rayon, Moldova

Dear colleagues and friends!

The people who live now in the Dnjestr Region of Moldova Republic remember and respect their ancestors and keep their old traditions.

You, in the village of Glinnoje, teachers, students, can benefit from all cultural and social achievements of previous generations of people who were pioneers in this area.

In-1803 1804, several German settlements were founded in the territory of Dnjestr Region. Later these settlements united into Glückstal and Kutschurgan districts.

The majority of the settlers came from the county of Württenberg, where they had been persecuted because of their religion. They contributed a lot to the development of this region.

Thanks to your efforts, dear teachers and students, we have established contacts with the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, and can preserve the historical and cultural heritage of Germans from Dnjestr Region.

We are proud of you and thank you.

Dear young friends! Remember that people recognize themselves as a national unit if they remember and respect their national roots.


M. Ya. Makarova
Chairman of the Committee on Education, Culture, Sport and Mass Media of the Supreme Soviet of the Dnjestr Republic

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