Galina Kammerer

The Village of Glückstal

Written and presented in Russian language by Galina Kammerer, high school student, Glinoye, Moldova, May 23, 2002

Translation from Russian to English by Natalya Kornfeld, Russian translator for the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection



It is well known that our village is a former German colony Glückstal, and among the people living here are ethnic Germans. I talked with the elderly German people, learned from them about their habits, traditions, about the history of their families. Part of the materials about German colonists will be published in the journal, "The Annals of the History of Dnjestr River", in August, 2002. The article is titled "Glinnaya, Glückstal, Glinoye", and it is devoted mainly to the history of our village. I would like to study the history of Germans from Russia in a more systematic way.

The materials about Russian-Germans that I have collected and studied allowed me to participate in the regional conference held on March 28, 2002, where I represented the German culture. The Tiraspol television stations TSV and TVPMR covered the work of this conference. I have also participated in the television program on the history of Glückstal. This program was shown on TSV, Tiraspol, Moldova, April 14, 2002.

I continue my work on this subject. The memory about my German ancestors is very important for me. My grandfather, Kammerer Friedrich Fridrichovich, was born in the village of Neudorf in 1928, and my grandmother, Tihl (or Tiehl) Martha Oskarovna, was born in the village of Marinova, Odessa region, in 1927. My great-grandmother, Paulina Lang Rangoldovna, even in the severe years of the World War II, kept her notes with the German songs. My German ancestors remember their history and culture, and I am proud for them and want to learn more about them. [These German songs in the notebook from Paulina Lang Rangoldovan were donated to the Glinoye School Museum in 2002].

Galina Kammerer
18 Lenin Street
Village Glinoye
Trans Dnjestr
Grigoriopol Region
Moldova 4020

Our thanks to Elena Kammerer for preparing this paper and her parentation on May 23, 2002 to the members of the Glueckstal Memorial Monument Dedication Tour Group.

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