Photographs of Grossliebental near Odessa, Ukraine

10 October 2005

Photographs by Olaf Klier, husband of Lilli Klier, born in Grossliebental on 7 March 1939. The family came from Newiller, Elsass, France, family of mother, and Ottersheim, Germany family of father.

Our appreciation is extended to Olaf Klier for permission use the photographs and the identification of images.

Photo 1 : Todays village-plate "Welikodolinskoje"(1944- today) ex Grossliebental (1941 - 1944) ex Spartakow (after WW1) ex Grossliebental (1804-just after WW1).
Photo 2 : Former Townhall, built in the 19th century, also used as a local judge court. In 1944, it was district - headquarter of the German Heeresgruppe 44 and SS. Today it is a clubhouse.
Photo 3 : The home of Naumow-family, Konsumstrasse, a ruin. No one lives in it. Built with typical buildingmaterial of this region: shell-lime.
Photo 4 : The daily market on the estate of Ruppert, Lauer, Münch and Löffler, Herrengasse.
Photo 5 : Home of Rivinius and Haid, Herrengasse. The old German farmer-construction, only the roofs are now made of eternit and gas-tubes in front the fences.
Photo 6: Russian-Othodoxe-Church - formerly Lutheran Church. The cupola was built in the same position where the tower of the Lutheran-Church had been, above the church entrance.
Photo 7: The side-view shows an orthodoxian cupola and in the backpart of the church a tower. The tower, sponsered by the German church and private people, is near ready, missing only the top.
Photo 8: Side-view with the orthodoxian chapel.
Photo 9: The new tower built in a usual construction.
Photo 10: Inside the church: At New Year´s Eve the church was destroyed by fire. Priests comment: "Nothing rest anymore".

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