Visit to Felsenberg, Kathariental, Landau & Speyer, Beresan Enclave (today Ukraine)

September 19-20, 1998
Raphael "Ralph" Hoff, Fargo, North Dakota

Villagers in Felsenberg founded in 1860, a daughter colony of Kathariental, Landau and Speyer Kathariental school
Catholic parish house in Felsenberg House across street from Kathariental school
(left to right): Nina Palady of Felsenberg and Elvira Zaharova, Odessa Intourist Gravestone of Katharina Stein at the Landau cemetery
Ralph Hoff and Nina Palady in Felsenberg Rosie Reimer living in Landau
Wrought-iron cross in Kathariental cemetery Wooden cross at location of former Catholic church in Kathariental

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