German House

Former German village of Katharinental, Beresan District, Ukraine

Photographs taken by Bettsy (Doll Madison) Williams, Missoula, Montana, May, 2009

A straw filled mattress on a German bed.
Blue chest
German spinning wheel was found in the attic of a house in Katharinental.
Chair made by the Germans in New Katharinental.
Nina Denysyuk explaining the German House to Agatha Doll Madison. Volodymyr O. Honcharenko is the interpreter.
Agatha Doll Madison signing the guest book at the German House in Katharinental.
The German House in Katharinental. The Messer family in Germany helped with the purchase of the run-down house which was the former rectory of the priests who served at the Catholic church.
Nina Denysyuk in the Katharinental cemetery standing next to the monument inscribed, "The burial place of the inhabitants of the village of Katharinental 1817-1944: Nina had this built at her own expense.
Linda Madison Mercer, Bettsy Madison Williams, Agatha Doll Madison, and Nina Denysyuk standing next to the monument.
Agatha Doll Madison, Bettsy Madison Williams and Linda Madison Mercer standing inside the German House.


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