Journey to the Homeland Tour 2000 Photos

Journey to the Homeland Tour
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Visit to the Glueckstal Villages, June, 2000

Photographs by Charles and Melinda Herman Snell, Bismarck, North Dakota

Photos - Set 2

Anton and Rosina Wart were hosts to the Herman for overnight stay in Glueckstal. (l-r): Herb Herman Jr. San Jose, CA, Anton and Rosina Wart, Glueckstal, and Herbert Herman Sr, Gackle, ND. These Glueckstal children lead visiting Americans to this German tombstone they had recently uncovered on the school grounds.
Americans looking at the collective barn in Neudorf. It was built by people living in the village when Stalin's policies were enacted. German tombstones were taken from cemeteries and were used to build the Neudorf collective barn.
Herb Herman Jr. studying the tombstone in the old German cemetary of Bergdorf. His great, great, great, great grandfather Jakob Herman (1778 to 1856) immigrated from Bieselberg Calw-Wuerttemberg, Germany, to become a founding father of the village of Bergdorf. Charles and Melinda Herman Snell, Bismarck, had a wonderful time in Glueckstal with their hosts, Anitoli and Lidiya Ivanova.
Herbert Herman Sr. gets a first look at the Nestor River in Moldova. It looks a lot like the North Dakota prairie where his parents settled near Gackle, ND. This lady approached the Herman family as they strolled down her street looking for the ancestral Herman home in Bergdorf. It turned out to be her own home. She had lived in it since 1949. She told us that when she first arrived, the beautiful homes the Germans had built stood vacant - pots and pans and furniture left behind. She picked one she liked, moved in and built a new life for herself and her family.


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