Journey to the Homeland Tour 2001 Photos

Journey to the Homeland Tour
Sponsored by the North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo

Photographs in the Liebental villages near Odessa, Ukraine

Photographs by Monsignor Joseph Senger, Minot, North Dakota

Villagers in Josefstal with tour members, (l-r): Elvira Zahorova, Odessa Intourist; Eileen Dick Aafedt, Munich, ND; Charles Rohde, Langdon, ND; Mary Steger Carpenter, Owasso, OK; and Monsignor Joseph Senger, Minot, ND, along with two women and children.
Herd of milk cows and villagers in the Liebental villages.
Noontime milking near the Liebental villages.
Iron cross in the Kleinliebental cemetery.
Ukrainian cross at Josefstal cemetery.
Monsignor Joseph Senger stands by iron cross of a common grave for Germans killed in Josefstal.

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