Journey to the Homeland Tour 2003 Photos

Journey to the Homeland Tour
Sponsored by the North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo

Tour members visit Alsace, France, May, 2003

Photographs by Michael M. Miller, Fargo, North Dakota

Photo Set 5

Tour members are greeted in Sessenheim, France by Fritz Heinz. The Heinz Family owns an historic restaurant, bed and breakfast and home in Sessenheim. Fritz is in the center with his hands together.
Alsatian historic homes in the countryside.
Historic Alsatian house.
Catholic church in Alsace.
Historic church in Alsace.
Village of Seltz, Alsace. Many Alsatian families immigrated from Seltz to the Catholic Kutschurgan villages, South Russia, today near Odessa, Ukraine between 1804-1806.
Historic residence of the Heinz Family, Sessenheim, Alsace.

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