Journey to the Homeland Tour 2003 Photos

Journey to the Homeland Tour
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Boarding School of Shirokolanova, Ukraine (former German village of Landau, Beresan District), May, 2003. Agatha Doll Madison and her daughter, Elizabeth (Bettsy) Madison Williams spent one week in May, 2003 at the village of Landau to visit and review the situation at the Boarding School/Orphanage. Agatha and Bettsy visited Landau with the Journey to the Homeland Tours in 1996 and 2000. Bettsy coordinates with the Germans from Russia Cultural Preservation Foundation ( the Humanitarian Aid projects for the Boarding School/Orphanage.

Photographs by Elizabeth Madison Williams, Missoula, Montana and Volodymyr Honcharenko, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Photo Set 7

Agatha and Bettsy with the second grade class of the Landau Orphanage (Shirokolanova Boarding School).
Bettsy with students outside the classroom building.
Agatha and Bettsy with the sixth grade class.
The museum at Katherinentaal featuring German and Ukranian artifacts.
Valentina Antoliyevna showing the stove for heating water in orphanage laundry where all the laundry for the school is done by hand.
The museum at Katherinentaal featuring a Ukranian bedroom.

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