Journey to the Homeland Tour 2007 Photos

Journey to the Homeland Tour
North Dakota State University Library, Fargo

Visiting the Bessarabian German villages of Plotzk, Eigenheim and Mannsberg, May, 2007

Photographs by Theresa A. Berg, Seattle, Washington

Photo Set 19:
Historic photo of Evangelical Church in Eigenheim-digital photo taken by Theresa Berg from German Eigenheim village book found at the local primary school
Theresa's Bessarabia guide and translator, Kira, and Eigenheim primary school teacher, Taisy, holding German Eigenheim book
Eigenheim school, Ukrainian name Zelenovka
Eigenheim brick factory in the background
Memorial Cross [Our Ancestors 1861-1996] at Eigenheim cemetery
Possible former Lemke German home in Eigenheim
Possible former Janke German home in Eigenheim
Ukrainian woman
Village of Mannsburg, Ukrianian name Alekseyevka
Former German home in Mannsburg
Former Nathanael Wilske home in Plotzk with present owners Sasha, Antonina and their son, Alvin. Topilina. Alvin was named after Nathanael's son, Alvin(now living in Germany), who was born in this house and has visited the village and this family several times. The family is in possession of photos, Wilske genealogy and the German Plotzk village book.
Former Evangelical Church in Plotzk, today community center
Plotzk Cemetery with stone of Nathanael Wilske maintained by Antonina(Tonya) Topilina.
Remains of Plotzk German Cemetery
Plotzk Ukrainian cemetery in front of the former German cemetery
Possible former Jacob Schlechter home in Plotzk
Possible former Jacob Schlechter home in Plotzk
Possible former Reinhold Schlechter home in Plotzk
German summer kitchen from possible former Jacob Schlechter home

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