Journey to the Homeland Tour 2007 Photos

Journey to the Homeland Tour
North Dakota State University Library, Fargo

Visiting Rielingshausen and Erdmannhausen, Wurttemberg, Germany, May, 2007

Photographs by Theresa A. Berg, Seattle, Washington

Photo Set 22:
Rielingshausen Evangelical Church-completed 1811-Theresa's Schlechter ancestors are listed in the church records from 1822 before immigrating to Plotzk, Bessarabia in 1839.
Rielingshausen parsonage-now church offices
Rielingshausen buildings
Erdmannhausen Evangelical Church-Theresa's Schmierer and Jenner ancestors are listed in the church records from the late 1600's. Jacob Schmierer immigrated to Alt Elft, Bessarabia due to a poor grape crop damaged by frost. After a short time in Alt Elft, he moved to Neudorf, Glueckstal, Russia.

Erdmannhausen cornerstone dated 1493(left) and baptismal font dated 1494 still in use today.
Erdmannhausen parsonage
Old Erdmannhausen bakery where women brought their bread to be baked. Due to fire hazards, they did not bake bread in their own homes.
Vineyard and countryside typical to the area. This particular photo was taken above the Wald Hotel near Steinheim.

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