Journey to the Homeland Tour 2007 Photos

Journey to the Homeland Tour
North Dakota State University Library, Fargo

Visiting the former German villages of Glueckstal, Bergdorf and Kassel, Glueckstal District

Photographs by Ed Zuern, Bismarck, North Dakota

Photo Set 23:
Shrine to protect drivers along the road.
Dinester River
Road sign in Moldova - Grigoriopol
Ed Zuern looking at wheat crop.
Local farmer hauling grain.
Sign for Glinoe (Glueckstal).
Private home in Glueckstal.
Local Transport
Street in Gluckstal with above ground gas lines.
John and Ed Zuern at Bergdorf sign (Kolosovo).
Bergdorf sign
edZuern presenting German books to Bergdorf Museum (Sermon book, History of Martin Luther, Three song books).
Farmer cultivating his field.

Memorial at Gluckstal from the Gluckstal Colonies Research Association.

Large garden behind Marta Kammerer;'s home.
Dinner with Marta Kammerer, Ed and John Zuern.
Marta Kammerer with family and Ed and John Zuern.
Marta Kammerer's home
Karta Kammerer
Street in Gluckstal by Marta Kammerer's home
Horse and Wagon
Church at Kassel
Stork in nest
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