Journey to the Homeland Tour 2007 Photos

Journey to the Homeland Tour
North Dakota State University Library, Fargo

Visit to the Bessarabian German villages of Kloestitz, Kulm and Leipzig, May, 2007

Photographs by Wallace and Marlene (Scharosch) Strand, Wilton, California

Photo Set 6:
Melissa Graham handing out gifts to children near Kulm.
Abandoned church in Kulm.
Marker in front of church in Kulm erected in 2004.
Tour of Raymond's wine cellar.
Marlene Strand, Ruth Wallender, and Melissa Graham enjoy food and drink at their host house in Tarutino.
This may be a German grave in the Kloestitz cemetery (1886-1920).
Other side of grave marker in the Kloestitz cemetery.
Getting information and directions in Kloestitz.
Marker in front of the new school in Kloestitz erected in 2000.
Ted and Marlene Strand pointing to Joann Flath (1896-1917) name on World War I Memorial marker on the Lutheran Church sight in Kloestitz.
Memorial monument to dead villagers of World War I in Kloestitz.
German house we visited in Kloestitz.
Enjoying juice, wine and goat cheese with Maria who owns the house.
Milking time near the village of Krasna.

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