Journey to the Homeland Tour 2009 Photos

Journey to the Homeland Tour
North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo

Villages of Tarutino, Bessarabia and Outline, 23-24 May 2009

Photographs by Leland Bruch and Ginny Weisse

After spending a few days in Germany (Limburg an der Lahn, Koblenz, the Mosel, the Rhein, and Frankfurt) we joined North Dakota State University’s Journey to the Homeland tour led by Michael Miller to the Ukraine. In the Ukraine we toured Odessa, then with a driver and an interpreter spent 2 days visiting Tarutino, Kurudschika, Kolatschowka, Kulm, and Alt Posttal. On the return trip we visited Stuttgart, where we toured the Bessarabian history museum and met the officers of the Haus der Bessarabiendeutscher. And we took a day trip each to the Alsace and to Tübingen.

  • Our Trip to Bessarabia (This pdf has 5 pages of maps and satellite images locating the villages)
  • Map – Kurusdschika Umgebung (This is a more detailed map I received from Alfred Hein in Germany who I met on the internet – his family also is from Kurudschika)

Photo Set 13:

Hotel in Tarutino
This is the small hotel, more like a bed-and-breakfast, where we stayed in Tarutino. Notice the yellow pipe running across the picture … you’ll notice that in other pictures too … that’s how they pipe gas around for heating and cooking. Herbert Flaig who was born in Bessarabia and his son John, also from our tour group, and their driver and translator, also stayed at this hotel. We found that his ancestors had come from an extremely small village in what is now Poland (Grunbach) at about the same time in the early to mid 1800’s that Ginny’s family had come from there. And both families had gone to the same area in Bessarabia (Kulm, Alt Posstal, Minstushina, and Kolatschowka). So we speculate that maybe both families had known each other. John is doing research on where in Swabia Germany his family originated prior to Poland – since at that time groups tended to move together, and since Ginny’s mom was swabian, we wonder if both families originated nearby in Swebia. He has a website with his pictures of their trip:

Hotel Owner
The hotel owner serving lunch in garden pavillion to Tania, our interpreter, and Leo, our driver.

Our Room in Tarutino

Typical Tarutino Street Scene
This was out in front of the hotel. One morning we got up and went for a walk and came across a lady with a long switch herding her flock of geese. Now we know why Ginny’s mom had so many stories to tell about geese – it seems like there is a flow of geese outside of every home in every village we saw.

A few more modern buildings in Tarutino
Tarutino seems to be a local trading center. It’s the only village we were in that has stores and the only one that had a few substantial buildings. On a subsequent visit we’ll spend more time here .. and explore its large Saturday market which we missed.


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