Journey to the Homeland Tour 2009 Photos

Journey to the Homeland Tour
North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo

Villages of Kurudschik and Kolatscholoka, Bessarabia where mother of Ginny Weise grew up, 23-24 May 2009

Photographs by Leland Bruch and Ginny Weisse


The town where Ginny’s mother was born. It is now a part of a larger and more thriving town: known by various names: Peterstal, Petrivs'k, or, in Russian, Netpobck. Under “Alt Posttal” in the third email I have included excerpts from a book from their museum which gives the history of Ginny’s grandfather’s and mother’s family.

Photo Set 14:

Sign at entrance to Netpobck (Petrivs'k or Peterstal) of which Kurudschika is now a part.

Ginny with 2 Kurudschika Residents
Tanya our translator would look for older women, introduce us and explain Ginny’s mother came from there. The woman on the right was the first person we saw on the street. Tanya talked to her and she instantly became our tour guide introducing us t people and showing us around town.
Kurudschika from the Cemetery
Our “new-found-friend” took us to where the old German cemetery had been (nothing there any longer except a new monument erected last year by some Germans with roots in Kurudschika with whom I have been corresponding for the last few years). In the background is the current town. What once had been a thriving town had mostly disappeared. They explained that many of the buildings had been abandoned and then removed – their stones and bricks being removed and used in adjacent towns.
Detail of Monument at Kurudschika Church
Last year some people from Germany with Kurudschika roots and locals held a gathering/celebration. They erected 2 similar monuments … one in the cemetery and one adjacent to the newly built church. An article about last year’s celebration is at

and photos at

Kurudschika Church
Ginny at the new Kurudschika church erected with assistance of the group from Germany.

The remains of the original German church in Kurudschika - the new church is immediately adjacent.

Kurudschika church interior.
The main street of Kurudschika.
Typical House in Kurudschika
A well in Kurudschika


Ginny’s mother had lived here until 1928 (when she was age 20) when most of her family emigrated to Canada. Locals tried to introduce us to the mayor, but alas, he was on a trip to a town near Odessa. This was a larger village than Kurudschik.

Typical Kolatschowka street scenes

Typical Kolatschowka street scenes
Typical Kolatschowka street scenes

Three typical houses in Kolatschowka

Three typical houses in Kolatschowka
Three typical houses in Kolatschowka

Geese are everywhere in Bessarabia

Well at house doorstep

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