Journey to the Homeland Tour 1996 Photos

Bundestreffen, June, 1996, Stuttgart, Germany

Set 1

(left to right): Lydia (Schwan) Klein, Esslingen, Germany; Emilie (Bäcker) Schwan, Rechberghausen, Germany; and Edwin Iszler, Streeter, ND. Former Congressman Toby Roth, speaker at the Bundestreffen with Alice Morgentern, Munich, Germany, as his translator. Mr. Roth's ancestral German villages are of the Catholic Kutschurgan Enclave.
(left to right): Pius Gross, Phoenix, AZ, talking to Paul Krüger, Siegen, Germany. Paul's relatives immigrated to Fessenden, Wells County, North Dakota. Karl and Maria Hoffmann, Harbor City, CA, speaking at the Bundestreffen. Karl was born in the former German village of Friedrichsfeld near Odessa, Ukraine.
Hiller Goehring (left) at the Amerika Haus information tables reviewing maps with Germans who have recently immigrated from Siberia to Germany. (left to right): Brother Placid Gross, Richardton, ND; Anton Wangler, Stuttgart, Germany; and Hiller Goehring, Lodi, CA. Tour members visit the Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Rußland in Stuttgart. Mr. Wangler is the executive director of the Landsmannschaft with relatives in North Dakota.
Children and teacher review American photographs in the former German village of Peterstal (Liebental Enclave) near Odessa. Edwin Iszler, Streeter, ND, visits with relatives at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Stuttgart.

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