Journey to the Homeland Tour 1996 Photos

Set 3

Bishop Joseph Werth visiting with Ukrainians while driving from Odessa to his ancestral German village of Speyer. Distant view of the Catholic church in Karlsruhe (Beresan Enclave).
Noontime and the milking of cows near the villages of Landau and Speyer. New Ukrainian home built for Germans returning from Siberia and Kazakshstan near the former German village of Peterstal (Liebental Enclave) near Odessa.
Tour members standing by the Russian sign for the village of Kassel (Glückstal Enclave) today in Ukraine. Women in the former German village of Sofiental (today Novosamarka, Ukraine).
Dave Geck, videographer for Prairie Public Television, filming for the Germans from Russia documentary. Barbara Geiger Horn, Yorba Linda, CA, presents school supplies to child in the Glückstal villages, Moldova.
Restored church in the village of Bessarabian village of Sarata.

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