Journey to the Homeland Tour 1996 Photos

Set 4

North Dakota flag is presented to the Dr. Sergey Schip and Dr. Waldemar Koehn, Bavarian House, Odessa.
Ukrainians in the villages.
Interior of the former Catholic church in the village of Mannheim (Kutschurgan Enclave). Children joining tour members in the Kutschurgan villages.
Children and villagers in the Kutschurgan villages listening to Americans of German-Russian heritage. Ted Weisenburger in the villages with Ukrainian children.
Wrought iron cross in former German cemetery.
Ukrainian woman feeding calve.
Brother Placid Gross, Richardton, ND, feeding grass to cow in Kutschurgan villages near Odessa, Ukraine, May 1996. (left to right): Tour members Brother Placid Gross, Richardton, ND; two middle persons unknown; and Pius Gross, Phoenix, AZ.
One of the German houses in today's Ukrainian villages. Mildred (Dockter) Thurn presents gift to women in former German villages.
(left to right): Margaret Aman Freeman, Redondo Beach, CA; Michael Miller, Fargo, ND; and Al Hausauer, Bismarck, ND; accepts gift of bread in the village of Glückstal (today Glinnoye, Moldova). In the back ground is camerman Dave Geck, PPTV, Fargo, ND. Wrought iron cross in Beresan villages.

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