Travel to Crimea, Ukraine and the former German villages

May 17 - 21, 1998

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Bob Dambach, Director of Productions at Prairie Public Television, Fargo; Elvira Zahorova, English Translator for Odessa Intourist; and Michael M. Miller, NDSU Libraries, Fargo, traveled from Odessa, Ukraine to Simperofol, Yalta and the former German villages. In the villages of Neusatz and Rosental we had the pleasure of visiting with students and teachers in the classrooms. The following photographs include visits to some of the mother colonies.

The former German mother colonies include:
[The years in parentheses identify year village was founded.]
Catholic: Rosental (1805) and Kronental (1810)
Lutheran: Friedentstal (1804), Neusatz (1804), Sudak (1805), Heilbrunn (1805) and Zürichtal (1805)

The Neusatz school built in 1876 and still used today.
Children at the Neusatz school where they have not had electricity for quite some time because they cannot afford it.
Cemetery at Neusatz. Collective farm located near Neusatz.
Former Catholic church in Rosental now a Russian Orthodox church with the school in the background. Former parish house for Catholic church in Rosental now used for elementary school.
Overlooking the former German village of Kronental. Former Lutheran German church in Kronental now being restored to a Ukrainian Orthodox church.

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