Glückstal Enclave villages of Glückstal and Neudorf, Moldova and Kassel, Ukraine, May 30, 1998

Journey to the Homeland Tour 1998 Photos

Journey to the Homeland Tour

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Photos - Set 10

(l-r): Homer Rudolf, Rosa Wart, Janice Huber Stangl, and Anton Wart, Glückstal. Anton and Rosa (Essig) Wart, Glückstal.
Garden of Anton and Rose (Essig) Wart, Glückstal. Glückstal village from a distance.
Former Lutheran parsonage in Glückstal. Russian Orthodox Cemetery, Kassel.
View in Kassel. Baptist meeting house in Neudorf.
House of the Dockter family in Neudorf.

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