Journey to the Homeland Tour 1999 Photos

Journey to the Homeland Tour
Sponsored by the North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo

Photographs of the Glückstal, Hoffnungstal, and Neudorf Villages

Photographs by Louis and Corrine Bollinger Haussler, Gwinner, North Dakota

Photos - Set 6

Lou and Corrine Bollinger Haussler at the Neudorf (today Karmanovo, Moldova).
Children in the village of Glückstal (today Glinoje, Moldova).
The church at Neudorf. The Baptist church in Neudorf which burned in 1998.
The church in Glückstal.
(l-r): Anton Jaeger, Lou Haussler, Erica Jaeger, and Corrine Haussler at Glückstal. The Jaegers were the host family for the overnight stay of the Hausslers in Glückstal.
(l-r): Elsie Schauer Prouse, Corrine Haussler, and Donald Becker standing near Neudorf.
Donald Becker with host family including Anton and Rose Wart in Glückstal.
(l-r): Erica Jaeger, Anton Jaeger, and Lou Haussler at the Jaeger home in Glückstal.
A sitting hen at the Jaeger home in Glückstal.
The church at Hoffnungstal. Home and yard at Hoffnungstal (today Tsebrikovao, Ukraine).
Louis Haussler uncovers a gravestone.
German words on grave marker translated to English: Here rests in peace Gottlieb Metzger; born in 1860; died in 1903 or 1908. I came to my sweet Savior and rush to him. I have been accepted by Him and rest in his ...
The church at Kassel (today Veliko-Komarovka, Ukraine).

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