Journey to the Homeland Tour 1999 Photos

Journey to the Homeland Tour
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The Cemetery at Kronental & Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine; Glückstal, Moldova & Uffenheim, Germany

Photographs by Elsie Schauer Prouse, Wichita, Kansas

Photos - Set 7

Gravestone of Juliana Walz Müller, born in 1858. Gravestone of Klara Schneider (?), died in 1903.
Gravestone of Friedrich Neumann, born in 1816, died in 1872. Gravestone unknown.
Photo at the home of Heinrich and Vera Remmer, Yalta, Ukraine on 18 May 1999. (left to right): Igor, Odessa Intourist driver, Vera Remmer, Violet Schauer Tanner, Rev. Waldemar Emmerich, Pastor of Evangelical Lutheran Church, Yalta, Heinrich Remmer, Elsie Schauer Prouse, Larisa Tolkunova, Kherson, Ukraine, interpreter and friend of Violet Tanner.
Children in the village of Glückstal, Moldova.
Tour members in one of the Glückstal homes. (left to right): Lidya Ivanova, mayor of Glückstal; Jan Neuharth Gruhn, Dr. Lee Keck, Dr. Sergey Yelizarov, driver, Violet Schauer Tanner, Mr. Ivanova, Tanya and her husband. The group was have dinner at 9 pm which lasted to 12 midnight on 21 May 1999.
(left to right): Elsie Schauer Prouse, Wichita, Kansas, Frieda Job Albrecht, Christine Job Krein, both of Uffenheim, Germany, and Violet Schauer Tanner, Olympia, WA. Frieda and Christine are sisters who were born in Neudorf, Glückstal District, South Russia. They were both in russian slave labor camps for 8 or 9 years. Their father, Ludwig Job, was cousin to Theobald Schauer, who was the father of Elsie and Violet Schauer. The Job sisters are cousins ot Jakob Job, Kassel, Germany, and Anette Kammerer of Wolfsburg, Germany.

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