Journey to the Homeland Tour 1999 Photos

Journey to the Homeland Tour
Sponsored by the North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo

Visit to Landau Orphanage and Speyer, Beresan Enclave

Photographs by Eugene and Georgia Kessler Brilz, Chandler, Arizona

Photos - Set 8

Paper curtains made by the children at the orphanage in Landau, Beresan Enclave. The orphanage is unable to purchase material or finished curtains.
(l-r): Gene Brilz and Tom Larscheid sorting gifts at the Landau orphanage.
(l-r): Gene Brilz, Tom Larscheid and Rosa Reimer at the Landau orphanage. Rosa is German-Russian and has worked at the orphanage for more than 40 years.
(l-r): Gene Brilz, orphanage worker and Rosa Reimer in Landau.
The Brilz house in Landau.
Gene Brilz with Ukrainian Orthodox priest inside restored church in Speyer, Beresan Enclave. This was the former Catholic Church in Speyer.

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