Making the Handmade Quilts for The Lighthouse Orphanage, Odessa, Ukraine

Immanuel Lutheran Church, Zap, North Dakota, November, 1999

The Quilt "Zappers": (back row, l-r): Ellen Weigum Renner, LaVerna Adolf Unruh, chair, Wilma Isaak Lang, Marilyn Tabbert Engbrecht and Ruth Vastag (Duckwitz) Sailer (front row, l-r): Romona Buchman Kasanke, Hertha Hertel Scott, Alma Hermann Buchfink, Ardith Thompson, Violet Stotz Pulver and Donna Hofland Olson.
Hertha Scott (left) and Donna Olson (right) sewing quilt tops.
(l-r): Vi Kruckenberg Schielke, Beulah, ND, visitor; LaVerna Unruh and Wilma Lang cutting square "blocks."
Ruth Sailer (left) and Marilyn Engbrecht (right) showing a completed quilt, sharing the message: "Quilting reduces stress and brings hugs from Jesus."
Tying together the pattern tops, batting fill, and backing of new quilts: (l-r): Ellen Renner, Ramona Kasanke, Ardith Thompson and Violet Pulver.

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