Peter Goldade Visits Village of Selz,
Kutschurgan District, May, 2008

Photographs by Peter Goldade, Fountain Valley, California

Peter Goldade presents gifts of copies of his books and pictures of his ancestors who were born in Selz to Louisa Rissling, curator of the Selz Museum.
Sitting left to right: James Goldade (Garrison, ND), Lena (née Kitayer) Musiyenko, (grand-daughter of Eva Sander of Selz), Vera (née Gonchar) Kitayer, (daughter of Eva Sander of Selz), Peter Goldade. The bed on which we are sitting was hand built by Eva's father Balthasar Sander in the early 1900s and Vera has donated it to the Selz Museum.
Standing left to right: Louisa Rissling, Vera (née Gonchar) Kitayer, daughter of Eva(née Sander) Gonchar, Lena (née Kitayer) grand-daughter of Eva Sander.The chair by which the three ladies are standing was hand built by Balthasar Sander in the early 1900's and wasdonated to the Selz museum by Vera (née Gonchar) Kitayer.

Cousin 95 year old Eva (née Sander) Gonchar and Peter Goldade.
Cousins, Peter Goldade, Vera (née Gonchar) Kitayer, daughter of Eva, Eva (née Sander) Gonchar, Lena (née Kitayer) Musiyenko grand-daughter of Eva.
Cousins standing in back: Lena (née Kitayer) Musiyenko, Vera (née Gonchar) Kitayer front row: Nina Musiyenko (great-grand-daughter of Eva (née Sander) Gonchar, James Goldade (Garrison, ND), Eva (née Sander) Gonchar, Peter Goldade.

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