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Tour photographs, June, 1996
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Journey to the Homeland tour group members pose in front of Holiday Inn Garden Court Hotel, Stuttgart, Germany, June 20, 1996. Women gathering hay near the former Bessarabian German villages in Ukraine. To the left is E. J. Stadel, Champlin, MN, and with the video camera is Dave Geck, Prairie Public TV, Fargo.
Pavel Pratchuk (left), Novosamarka, Ukraine (former German village of Sofiental) and Michael M. Miller, Fargo, stand in a wheat field near the former German villages in southern Ukraine as they prepare text for an electronic mail message. A herd of dairy cows near the village of Speyer, Beresan Enclave.
At noontime, women from the village hand-milking the cows. Tour group members in Novosamarka join in singing an American song. Standing with the camera is Edwin Iszler of Streeter, N.D.
Ukranian women in the village of Novosamarka (formerly Sofiental) attend the program presented for the American tourists. Tour group members traveling to their ancestral Glückstal villages pose by the road sign.


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