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Tour photographs, June, 1996
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Ted Weisenburger, Phoenix, AZ, holds a confirmation certificate in the German language, standing by the former Lutheran church in Grossliebental where his grandfather was born. The Lutheran Church in the village of former Bessarabian German village of Sarata in Ukraine. The church was restored with funding from Bessarabian Germans in Germany, as a memorial to their ancestor's faith.
View of the former cemetery near the village of Kathariental, Beresan Enclave, with a wrought iron cross like those found on the Dakota prairies. Children in the former Bessarabian German villages are inquisitive of the American tourists.
Children in the village of former Bergdorf, Glückstal Enclave, surround Dave Geck of Prairie Public TV, Fargo, to see the video camera. Bergdorf is today located in the Republic of Trans-Dniester, Moldova. Bishop Joseph Werth leads a prayer at the site of the former Catholic church in the village of Kathariental, Ukraine. Bishop Werth traveled from Novosibirsk, Siberia, to join the tour group in Odessa.
Two Moldovan military soldiers ride on the main street of the village of Glückstal. Marjorie Jergentz-Stout, Livermore, CA, smiles for the camera with a child in the village of Bergdorf, Glückstal Enclave.
Ukranian women meet the Americans of German-Russian ancestry in the Beresan Enclave villages. Bishop Werth prays at the cemetery in the village of Limanoske, former German village of Selz, Kutschurgan Enclave. Standing with camera is Dr. Dona Reeves-Marquardt, Buda, TX, and Antonia Welk Ivanova who lives in Limanoske.


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