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Tour photographs, June, 1996
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Village of Karlsruhe, Beresan Enclave, with the former Catholic Church in the distance. Karlsruhe, North Dakota is named after this village. Container house in stands beside new home built near former German village of Peterstal. Germans from Kazakhstan are resettling in Ukraine near Odessa.
Couple taking their products to the market in the former German villages near Odessa. Rosemarie Dauenhauer Hoff, Denver, CO, and her sister, Zita Dauenhauer Gieser, Dickinson, ND, present school supplies to a Ukranian mother in the former German village of Landau. Their mother immigrated from Landau in the 1910's, settling near Richardton, ND.
Penny Raile of West Hollywood, CA, presents school supplies to children in the former Glückstal villages where her ancestors once lived. Esther Hausauer of St. Louis Park, MN, presents pencils and pens to Ukranian children donated by school children in North Dakota.
Barbara Horn, Alta Loma, CA, poses with the daughter of the mayor of Kolosova, former German village of Bergdorf, Moldova. Judith Doll, Fargo, ND, gives a bag of school supplies to a child in the former German village of Landau, Beresan Enclave, Ukraine. Judy teaches at Washington Elementary School, Fargo, where children gathered many boxes of school supplies for the Ukranian children.


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