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Tour photographs, June, 1996
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The theme of the 25th Anniversary Bundestreffen, "With Us Together in the Future." More than 50,000 ethnic Germans from Russia attend the Bundestreffen in June. This large room includes Germans who have immigrated from Kazakhstan to Germany in recent years.
Zita Dauenhauer Gieser, Dickinson, ND, explains in German to a recent immigrant from the former Soviet Union how to locate relatives in North America. Congressman Toby Roth, Wisconsin, listens to a translation from German to English with Alice Morgenstern, Munich, Germany. Congressman Roth was a featured speaker at the Bundestreffen and was born at Strasburg, ND. Alice Morgenstern is a volunteer translator for the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection.
Hiller Goehring, Lodi, CA, reviews family data with a German seeking his relatives in the United States. Tour group members a the Journey to the Homeland Information tables: (left to right) Carolyn Brost Norquist, Woodbridge, VA, Edwin M. Iszler, Streeter, ND, Sandra Henry-Choppin, Bonita, CA, and Dr. Lewus Marquardt, Buda, TX.
Brother Placid Gross, Richardton, ND, writes down the address for a recent immigrant from Siberia wishing to locate Dakota relatives. Germans who were born in the Beresan Enclave villages of Landau, Munich, and Rastatt wait to meet former villagers at the Bundestreffen. Some of these people have not seen their friends since the 1940's.
Former residents from the Liebenstal Enclave villages of Alexanderhilf, Grossliebental, Neuburg and Joseftal gather at the Bundestreffen. Margaret Freeman, Redondo Beach, CA, listens to the stories of life in the former Soviet Union from a German-Russian immigrant. In the background is Gary Maier, San Jose, CA.


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