2006 Memories of Tour Members, Part I

27 May 2006
Internet Cafe
Odessa, Ukraine

Just a short note to let you know that we arrived safely in Odessa from Prague! All is well with the tour members and in good health.

Some tour members left to visit the former German villages in Crimea near Simperofol, Ukraine including a two-night stay. Other tour members travel from 27-28 May to the Gluecktal villages in Moldova with overnight stay.

Tour members on 27 May have visited with separate trips to Kassel, to Hoffnungstal, and to the Kutschurgan villages including Mannheim, Baden, Kandel and Selz. On Sunday, 28 May, tour members and I will go back to visit Strassburg and Elsass with lunch at the home of Louisa Rielsing in Selz.

On 27 May, in Selz the room for the new Museum was opened for the first time. This is most impressive and the first cultural museum in one of the Kutschurgan villages. The items in the museum are most impressive and a good beginning. The school director, teachers and community members attend this event. They would like to add items of identified photographs from Kutschurganers in North America. We were most honored and pleased to participate with the opening and dedication of this Selz Museum near to the former Catholic Church.

We will send another email the next day with text prepared by tour members of their thoughts and memories visiting the villages of their ancestors including the Glueckstal, Kutschurgan, Crimean, Liebental and other villages.

For those who have joined us for past Journey to the Homeland Tours, you will be interested to know that in Odessa progress with development and construction is growing including new hotels. There is an impressive indoor 5-story shopping mall developed by Greece near to the Black Sea. The Chorne More Hotel has improved significantly in many ways as well as the airport. There is no longer need for a Ukrainian visa when traveling to Ukraine only for USA citizens since August 2005. This makes the airport arrival much easier.

Special regards from tour members from the Black Sea port city of Odessa and Ukraine,

Michael M. Miller

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