Journey to the Homeland Tour Items Available

Items including Journey to the Homeland: Germany and Ukraine t-shirts, lapel pins, and USA flags can be secured from the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection. The items have been popular with tour members and are now available to other interested persons.

Journey to the Homeland T-Shirts

Special t-shirts have been designed. The five-color logo design is a trademark of the Journey to the Homeland Tours featuring the flags of Germany, Ukraine and USA. The symbol of friendship and peace is featured with the dove. T-shirts are high quality 100% cotton. The t-shirts will be nice gifts for family and friends. See sample design of t-shirt logo at this page.

1 to 3 t-shirts @ $14 each; 4 to 6 t-shirts @ $12 each; 7 or more t-shirts at $11 each.

USA/Germany, USA/ Canada, and USA/Ukraine Lapel Pins

USA/ Canada
USA/ Germany
USA/ Ukraine

Three high quality lapel metal pins are available. Lapel pins are popular souvenir gifts in Germany, Ukraine and the former German villages. See sample pin designs at this page.

1 to 4 pins @ $4.00 each; 5 to 10 pins @ $3.25 each; 11 or more pins at $2.50 each.

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