Caring Hearts and Sharing Gifts:
For Ukrainian School Children

Journey to the Homeland: Germany and Ukraine, June 1996
North Dakota State University Libraries' Sponsored Tours

With CARING HEARTS from school students, their families, and teachers in North Dakota and the United States of America, these gifts are given to the open arms of Ukrainian students and teachers.

These shared gifts are intended to benefit Ukrainian classrooms:

1) encouraging growth of personal skills in literacy, knowledge, and enrichment and

2) bringing a brighter hope through educational horizons. May these gifts from CARING HEARTS become strong educational tools to further launch the cultural enrichment for all

Ukrainian students, their families, and their villages.

American children and students may desire to become future pen-pals. Particularly students from North Dakota families who share a common history as descendants of former ethnic German villages, established on the steppes of southern Ukraine, Moldova, and eastern Romania during the 19th century. The Ukrainian children and students are presently living in or near the historic German villages, still recognizable for their architectural landmarks.

Today, German-American descendants, many of them grandparents, desire the opportunity to tour the ancestral villages where their grandparents once walked the streets and worshiped in the churches. The same streets that today's Ukrainian children and students walk and play. These North American tourists say thank you for your generous hospitality, through the share gifts from their grandchildren and communities.

This sharing appeal in the United States is coordinated through friends, and the sons and daughters of Germans from Russia immigrants to the Dakota prairies, in contact with Michael M. Miller. His grandparents immigrated to North Dakota from the German villages of Krasna, Bessarabia (today Krasnoje), and Strassburg (today Kutschurgan), both villages located in today's Ukraine.

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