Caring Hearts and Sharing Gifts: For Ukrainian School Children

Journey to the Homeland: Germany and Ukraine, June, 1996

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Photographs of the Novosamarka School, the former German villages, and Odessa in southern Ukraine - December, 1995

Michael M. Miller, Germans from Russia Bibliographer, NDSU Libraries, Fargo, ND, visits with students about American schools and colleges and about the life of the Dakota Germans from Russia. There has been no school in Novosamarka and the southern Ukrainian schools from the middle of December to 1 March 1996 due to lack of heat. [Novosmarka School (former German village of Sofiental) near Odessa, Ukraine, 18 December 1995]

The farm and home of Pavel Pratchuk family and his parents. [Novosamarka, Ukraine, 18 December 1995]

Men in the village cutting firewood. There is a severe shortage of coal and firewood for heating in the homes and schools. [Novosamarka, Ukraine, 17 December 1995]

Ukrainian women in the village husking corn outside on a Sunday afternoon. The temperature was about 15-20 degrees. [Novosamarka, Ukraine, 17 December 1995]

Michael Miller, Fargo, and Antonia Welk Ivanova stand on the main street in the village of Limanskoe near Odessa, Ukraine. Limanskoe was formerly called Strassburg, one of the former Kutschurgan Black Sea German villages in southern Ukraine. Antonina is a relative of the late bandleader Lawrence Welk born near Strasburg, ND. His parents, Ludwig and Christina (Schwahn) Welk once lived in this same village where Antonia Welk Ivanova lives today. [Limanskoe, Ukraine, 16 December 1995]

Ukrainian and Moldovan students at their dormitory room at Odessa State University, Ukraine. Odessa is a university city with close to 80,000 students. An average of four students live in each dormitory room. The stipend for each student is $5 per month and they had not received their stipends in December since September. The faculty at the university had not been paid their monthly salary since August, 1995. The students serve Ukrainian food including borscht soup. The university has been closed from Christmas to 1 March 1996 due to lack of heat in the classroom and university buildings.

You Can Help the Children and Teachers in Ukrainian Schools

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