Those Axtmans Keep Rolling Along

[Based on the song: Caissons Go Rolling Along]

Prepared by Shiela Axtman Kokkeler for the Axtman Family Reunion, Rugby, ND, July, 1999.

The song was prepared and sung by the Axtman family members on the parade float, July 3, 1999, Rugby, ND.

Some from here, some from there,
We have come from everywhere
Cause those Axtmans keep rolling along.
Some are young, some are old
Some are 39 we're told
Cause those Axtmans keep rolling along


For it's Hi! Hi! Hee!
We're all here in Rugby
Our family is loud and large and strong
And where'er we go,
We always seem to know
That those Axtmans keep rolling along

(Quietly) Oh yes, those Axtman's keep rolling along.

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