Michael and Margaretha (Reiter) Bickler (Buechler/Büchler) Family
Brazil and Orrin, Pierce County, North Dakota

Kandel & Mannheim, Kutschurgan Enclave, South Russia (near Odessa, Ukraine) - Orrin, North Dakota

Michael Büchler and family landed at the Port of New York on March 19, 1903. They traveled by railroad to Devils Lake, ND, where Michael's wife, Margaretha, had a sister and brother-in-law. They lived and worked in Devils Lake until the spring of 1904 when they obtained homestead land in Sandale Township in Pierce County, ND, about three miles northeast of the present day Orrin, ND.

Photographs taken from the family reunion publication Das Buch of Michael Büchler and Margaretha Reiter: Ancestors and Descendants 1700 - 1999: Baden, German; Russia; North Dakota, USA, compiled by Mary Lynn Axtman, self-published, 1999, 106 pages, softcover. (To secure the family history, contact Mary Lynn Axtman, 4230 9th Avenue SW, Apt. 104, Fargo, ND 58103-2063 (E-mail: TheAxt@aol.com).

Also published is the family history, The Bohl Family History: Alsace - Russia - North Dakota: 1757 - 1998, compiled by Mary Lynn Axtman, self-published, 1998, 103 pages, softcover. To secure the family history, contact Mary Lynn Axtman.

For an oral interview and photographs of Sister Bernardine Bickler (Elizabeth), Sisters of St. Francis, Hankinson, ND, view the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection "Oral History" website page: Click Here

Michael and Margaretha (Reiter) Büchler. Michael was born in Mannheim and Margaretha was born in Kandel. With four sons, they immigrated to North Dakota in March, 1903, and homesteaded near Orrin, Pierce County, ND, in 1904. They had seven surviving children. Ludwig and Barbara (Bohl) Bickler, oldest son. His first wife was Katherina Thomas. They farmed near Balta/Orrin, Pierce County, ND. Ludwig had ten children from both marriages.
Marriage of John and Magdalena (Kraft) Bickler, second oldest son, November 12, 1917, Strasburg, ND. John worked in Strasburg. Magdalena died in 1935 and John died in 1941 leaving five children. Marriage of Peter and Rosalia (Baumgartner) Bickler, third oldest son, October 4, 1925, Strasburg, ND. They lived and worked in Strasburg rearing five daughters.
Marriage of Nickolas and Phyllis (Axtman) Bickler, fourth oldest son, Fulda, Pierce County, ND, February 23, 1925. They lived and worked in Rugby and Minot, ND, rearing five children. Marriage of Wendelin and Anna (Volk) Bickler, twin and fifth oldest son, October 27, 1927, Orrin, Pierce County, ND. They farmed near Orrin rearing eight children.
Marriage of Joseph and Ethel (Sauve) Buechler, twin and sixth oldest son, August 9, 1938, New York City. They lived and worked in New York City and reared four sons. Marriage of Michael and Margaret (Bickler) Hartle, only surviving daughter, June 6, 1939, Devils Lake, ND. They farmed in the Warwick/Devils Lake area, and reared five children.
Children of Michael and Margaretha (Reiter) Büchler. (l-r); Ludwig, Peter, Nickolas, Margaret, Wendelin, Joseph, and John. The photo was taken in 1966; John died in 1941.

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