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  • The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide the Recipe Index Search. This search will allow anyone to locate hundreds of recipes that are in cookbooks which are available for purchase at this website.
  • To find out all the recipes a cookbook contains, click on the cookbook title. To get information about ordering a specific cookbook, click on the cookbook icon or **Order this book** link.

Individual recipes from the cookbooks listed below are not available for purchase.

The cookbooks currently included in this search are:

  1. Aus Küche und Keller: Specialities from German-Russian Cuisine
  2. Bessarabische Spezialitäten
  3. The Best From Our Nest
  4. Connecting Generations
  5. Cookbook: A Book of Favorite Recipes
  6. Cookbook for Germans from Russia
  7. Cooking & Canning
  8. Dakota Gold: NDLA Celebrates 100 Years
  9. Emmanuel Lutheran Kitchens
  10. Eszlinger- Esslinger - Eslinger, 1844 - 2011: A Treasure of Family Recipes
  11. Family Heritage Recipe Book
  12. Family Recipes from German Tradition
  13. Favorite Recipes
  14. Favorite Recipes: Grace Lutheran Church
  15. Favorite Recipes: Lehr Thimble Bee
  16. Favorite Recipes of a Lifetime
  17. Food 'N Customs
  18. Food 'n Folklore
  19. From Oma's Kitchen: From  Russia to Canada with Love, Courage and Gratitude
  20. German Food & Folkways
  21. German-Russian Pioneer Cookbook
  22. Grace Baptist Church Jubilee Cookbook
  23. Grace Lutheran Church Cookbook
  24. Grandma’s Recipes
  25. Heavenly Aromas
  26. Hebron Historical & Art Society Cookbook: A Celebration of our Heritage 1885 - 2010
  27. Heritage Cookbook: 100 Years of Home Cooking: Catholic Diocese of Bismarck, 1910 - 2010
  28. Holy Cross & Friends Cookbook: Timber Lake, SD Centennial, 2010
  29. The Hutterite Community Cookbook
  30. The Hutterite Community Cookbook
  31. Kochbuch
  32. Kochbuch der Deutschen aus Rußland
  33. Küche Kochen
  34. Kulm Centennial Cookbook
  35. Leola, South Dakota: A Taste of 125 years, 1884 - 2009
  36. The Little Flower Church, Rugby, North Dakota: 1910 - 2010 Centennial Celebration Cookbook
  37. McLaughlin Centennial Cookbook
  38. Mennonite Girls Can Cook
  39. Mennonite Heritage Village Cook Book
  40. The Mennonite Treasury of Recipes
  41. Mound City Quas Qui Centennial Cookbook
  42. Northern Plains Ethnic Cookbook
  43. Our Favourite Recipes: 75th Anniversary Cookbook
  44. Peace Lutheran Church Women
  45. Pots of Gold from Hutterian Kitchens
  46. Recipes: Wishek Home for the Aged
  47. Schmeck's Gut!
  48. Sei Unser Gast: Be Our Guest
  49. Sharing our Best Recipes
  50. Some Wonderful Old Time Recipes
  51. Strasburg Care Center: Celebrating 50 Years of Caring
  52. Strasburg Centennial Cookbook
  53. Strasburg, ND: Business & Leisure Homemakers
  54. Stutsman County Homemaker's Cookbook
  55. St. Clement's Church Centennial Cookbook
  56. St. Luke Lutheran Church
  57. St. Matthews Lutheran Church
  58. Then & Now
  59. There is Always Room for One More: Volga German Stories and Recipes
  60. A Time of Wonder, A Season of Joy
  61. Treasured Family Favorites
  62. Treasured Recipes of Senior Suites at Sakakawea
  63. Value Meals on the Volga
  64. What's Cookin'? In Lefor, ND
  65. What's Cookin'? In Lehr, ND
  66. What's Cookin'? Wishek Jayceettes
  67. Wishek Community Hospital and Clinics Cookbook
  68. Yesterday & Today: Beulah Congregational Church
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