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Ukrainian Pronunciations for Foods

*In syllables (accented syllables in caps) for pronunciation:

Appetizers Zah-KOOS-kih
Beans Kvah-SOL-ya
Beet Boo-rya-KIH
Bread Khleeb
Cabbage Kah-POOS-tah
Cake Tort
Caviar, black CHOR-nah
Caviar, red Cher-VO-nah
Cheesecake SIHR-nihk
Chicken KOOR-kah
Cottage Cheese Sihr
Dessert Deh-SEHRT
Fish RIG-bah
Fruit FROOK-nih
Ice Cream Mo-RO-zih-vo
Main Course DROO-heh
Meatballs Frih-kah-DEH-li
Meatless Bes-MYAH-sah
Mushrooms Krih-BIH
Nuts Ho-REE-khih
Onions Tsih-BOO-lya
Pasta Mah-kah-RO-nee
Pastry TEES-tehch-ko
peas MORK-van
Potato Kahr-TOP-lya
Rice Rihs
Salad Sa-LAH-ta
Sausage Kohv-bah-SALL
Soup Soop
Tomatoes Po-mee-DO-rih
Vegetables O-vo-chee

*Taken from Kulm Cookery II Year 2000 Millennium Edition, Complied by the Kulm Family Association

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