East European Germans

The chapter “Volksdeutsche: The East European Germans” in the book Plains Folk: North Dakota's Ethnic History, lists the following ethnic groups: 1) Banat Germans, 2) Bohemian Germans, 3) Brethren, 4) Galician Germans, 5) German-Hungarians, 6) Moravian Germans.

Items relating to these East European Germans are listed below. These include resources housed at the North Dakota State University Libraries’ Germans from Russia Heritage Collection (GRHC), including books and periodicals. Also available are links to heritage societies that may provide more information. For additional resources search the NDSU Library Catalog or WorldCat.

  • Bukovina Germans
    • Bukovina Germans Map 1
    • Bukovina Germans Map 2
    • Ellingson, Irmgard Hein. The Bukovina Germans in Kansas: A 200 Year History of the Lutheran Swabians. Fort Hays, Kansas: Ethnic Heritage Studies,  Fort Hays State University, 1987.
    • Kaindl, Raimund Friedrich. Die Deutschen in der Bukowina. Berlin, Germany: Verein das Deutschtum im Ausland, 1919.
    • Jachomowski, Dirk. Die Umsiedlung der Bessarabien-,Bukowina- und Dobrudschadeutschen: Von der Volksgrüppe in Rumämoem zur, Siedlungsbrücke an der Reichsgrenze.  Munich, Germany: R. Oldenbourg Verlag, 1984.

  • Galician Germans

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