The 26th Heimatbuch of the Landsmannschaft of Germans from Russia: 2001 - 2002

Das 26. Heimatbuch der Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Russland

Volk auf dem Weg, Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Russland, Stuttgart, Germany,
November, 2001, page 48

Translation from German to English by Alex Herzog, Boulder, Colorado

Dear Readers,

Toward the end of November you will receive the Heimatbuch 2001/2002 der Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Russland.

The Landsmannschaft hereby continues a tradition begun a long 47 years ago. In these years the number of Heimatbücher issues has grown to 26. It is you, our readers, we have to thank for being able to continue this series, and for two reasons:

For one, it is our members who consistently make their contributions available for use in our Heimatbücher without expecting payment for them. Also, in addition to contributions from those mentioned previously, we have benefited from those of new authors among those working with us. They all deserve our sincere thanks and respect and will here be named, in alphabetic order:

Eduard Albrand, Waldemar Aumann, Juliane Bayer, Herold Belger, Adolf Bersch, Dr. Rolf Biedlingmaier, Annemarie Birkholz, Anton Bosch, Reinhold Deines, Prof. Dr. Woldemar R. Durow-Wasenmüller, Gottlieb Eirich, Otto Felker, Friedrich Fischer, P. Fiz, Heinrich Frank, Maria Görzen, Inga Harder, Michael Hörner, Johann Kampen, Eva Kiefer, Abram Klassen, Prof. Dr. Heinrich Klassen, Lydia Kohn, Dr. Viktor Krieger, Leo Maier, Prof. Michael M. Miller, Alice Morgenstern, Willi Ollenburger, Emma Popp, Alexander Prieb, Pater Eugen Reinhardt, Edgar Reitenbach, Helmut Reitenbach, Nikolai Schindler, Artur Schneider, Martin Thielmann, Dr. Ilona Walger, Johannes Warkentin, Rudolf Wuchrer.

We have published a total of 43 contributions in this new Heimatbuch and have grouped them within the following chapters: "Sixty Years of Expulsion," "War and Peace," "Home Provided by Faith," "Life Images," "Your Mother Tongue," "Distant Homes," and "Volk auf dem Weg" ["People on a Journey"]. They reach far back into the history of the Germans from Russia, but as ever they also concentrate on the Thirties and Forties of the previous century, and some of them also deal with the most recent years.

We ask for indulgence and patience of all authors whose contributions could not be included in this issue. If possible, we shall attempt to publish in future Heimatbüchern all of the articles we have received.

Just as we thank the authors, we extend equal gratitude to our readers. We know very well that publication of further Heimatbücher would be impossible without your uninterrupted willingness to contribute monetarily. We are also certain that your financial contributions are always applied wisely - as much for you yourselves as for your children and grandchildren, who are able to learn via these Heimatbücher how people lived in times past.

The Heimatbücher constitute our collective accomplishment and contribution toward the continuing appraisal of the history of Germans from Russia, an accomplishment of which we can be proud!

Hans Kampen and Johann Kampen
Heimatbuch Editors

Our appreciation is extended to Alex Herzog for translation of this article.

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