Minister of the Interior Reich presented Ingo Ruediger Isert with the Federal Cross of Merit. Photo by Martin Kalb

A Meritorious Fellow Citizen: Federal Cross of Merit Awarded to Ingo Ruediger Isert

The long-standing chairman of the Bessarabia-German Association, Ingo Ruediger Isert,  has been honored with the Federal Cross of Merit.

Bietigheimer Zeitung, Bietighim, Germany, November 28,  2008

German Text

Bietigheim-Bissingen. For High Mayor Juergen Kessing it was both an honor and a duty to be able to arrange an evening of appreciation in the Bietigheim /Rathaus/ for a meritorious fellow citizen: yesterday, on behalf of the Federal President, Prof. Dr. Horst Koehler, Ingo Ruediger Ernst, the long-standing chairman of the Bessarabia-German Association,was presented with the Cross of Merit of Germany, with Sash, via Interior Minister Reich.

Ingo Ruediger Isert was born in Bessarabia in 1941. With his parents he arrived in Wuerttemberg in 1945, later studied physics at the Technical University in Munich, and for many years he performed specialized work on solar cells at the University of Stuttgart. From 1977 on, he has been a member of the Heimatmuseum of Germans from Bessarabia and active as a volunteer in the Landsmannschaft [Association] of Bessarabia-Germans.

For several years he was national operational manager of the Landsmannschaft der Bessarabiendeutschen and a member of the governing board of the Heimatmuseum, which between 1993 and 1995 underwent a structural and conceptional re-generation, with financial assistance from the Federal Republic of Germany, the Land [State of] Baden-Wuerttemberg, and the sponsoring city of Stuttgart. In 2005/2006, the Bessarbiendeutsche Verein [Association] was formed, with Ingo Ruediger Isert as its national chair since 2007.

Isert has earned great merits for his work in preserving the history and origins of this ethnic group. Among various other accomplishments, he was able to present Federal President Horst Koehler, during a visit to the House of History in Stuttgart, with special personal pleasure by familiarizing him with the history of the origins of Koehler's own family, with roots in a [Bessarabian] town.

In addition to the award presentation through [State] Minister of the Interior Reich, further homage was paid in the Bietingheim Rathaus to this meritorious citizen of Bietigheim-Bissingen, through the honorary national chairman of the Bessarabia-German Association, Dr. h.c. Edwin Kelm, the vice-chairman of the Association, Pastor Arnulf Baumann, and a representative of the Republic of Moldova, Ambassador Dr. Igor Corman.

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