Hoffnungstal, Gnadenheim (Semsotka), Philippowka

Review by Arnold H. Marzolf, Professor Emeritus, NDSU, Fargo, ND

Krug, Peter. Hoffnungstal, Gnadenheim (Semsotka), Philippowka. Bietigheim, Germany, 1983. (Gift of Victor Knell).

This book covers Hoffnungstal beginning with the founding of that city in 1842 and continues up through the Repatriation of 1940. It contains 4 maps, 5 charts, 3 pages of family names, 47 pages of names of those who participated in the Repatriation of 1940, and 65 very good pictures.

The material in this book covers almost the same history that is found in Hoffnungstal, und Seine Schwaben by Liebgrandt, and Hoffnungstal, Bilder einer Deutschen Siedlung in Bessarabien. Both of these books were earlier reviewed in Heritage Review.

The materials that are new are seven maps on Bessarabia; several pages on the government of Bessarabian Germans in Russia and Romania from 1814-1940; five pages on Gnadenheim, a neighboring village 4 km to the west of Hoffnungstal; an article on life after the Repatriation of 1940, and reports of three visits back to Hoffnungstal in 1977, 1979, and 1983.

About one third of this book (57 pages) lists the founders of Hoffnungstal, the people who lived there up through 1940. For those who had ancestors in this region, these lists (plus 65 pictures) can be invaluable sources of information.

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