Portrait of a Church: Sts. Peter & Paul Church

Book review by Mary Ebach, Rugby, North Dakota

Wald, Tyrase Mack. Portrait of a Church: Sts. Peter & Paul Church. Bismarck, North Dakota: Quality Printing, 1989.

As the story of this book unfolds, you can visualize the beauty of this building. Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church at Karlsruhe, North Dakota, comes alive. The author, Tyrase Mack Wald has a most colorful way of describing the stained glass windows and the saint it represents.

Tyrase has included a listing of all the priests who have served the church since the beginning. You get nostalgically carried into her description of the various church celebrations. To make it more interesting, Tyrase has included songs with the German words. There are prayers in German taught in every home.

Along with Tyrase inimitable wit, this is a truly enjoyable, information book.

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