George Rath Collection

Rev. George Johannes Rath
Peru, NE

Mrs. George Rath originally donated by 21 June 1980 with signed “deed of gift” and archival inventory with John Bye, Institute of Regional Studies, NDSU, Fargo. These earlier donations of regional newspapers and history books (of ethnic Germans) are now archived in Institute of Regional Studies.

On 23 March 2004, John Bye, archivist of Institute for Regional Studies, Re-donated with permission of Dr. Hans Rath, various miscellaneous (un-inventoried) church history and theological ephemerals to Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, NDSU Library, North Dakota State University, Fargo.

Finding Aid to the Rev. George Rath Collection

Contents: South Dakota Church histories include Nebraska and North Dakota churches, especially Reformed and Lutheran.  Also copies of Bonekemper Account #2074/2067/2056 at Institute for Regional Studies are contained with the church histories in the George Rath Collection. Corollary files of Reformed/Congregational clergy-colleagues: George Rath, with Johannes and Karl Bonekemper.

Inventory prepared by Jay Gage, GRHC Curator.

Inventory listed as follows:

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#01: Rev. John Erbes/Lutheran.
Batesland, South Dakota (near Scotts Bluff, Nebraska), Volga German Lutheran Synod history in questionnaire format.  [German text of two pages].

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#02: Wisconsin Synod, Lutheran.
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 1923-1958, Hazelton, North Dakota (history pamphlet, four pages)

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#03: Reformed Church, Menno.
(Photo copy excerpt, page 3) Kassel parish (1888) at Menno, South Dakota/plus photo of First Salem Reformed Church in Menno, South Dakota.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#04: Baptist Germans.
Baptist churches founded in North Dakota from 1888 to 1930, memo listed by George Rath. [Clarified text attached.]

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#05: Missouri Synod, Albion Township.
“88 Years of Grace,” 1887-1975 at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Albion Township (near Ellendale, North Dakota.  [Text of last sermon preached at Christ Evangelical Lutheran church, 9 March 1975 by Rev. Jerald C. Jeskewitz.]

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#06: Volga German Church.
Pamphlet: Dedication service, Evangelical Lutheran Church 1924-1967, Saginaw Michigan (two exterior church photos, plus Christmas card with one color interior photo of chaneel at Christmas), Dedication service for enlarged, Missouri Synod Sanctuary at Saginaw.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#07: Missouri Synod.
Pamphlet: Dedication service, 50th Anniversary, St. Paul Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod), Scotland, South Dakota, (188-1955), pages 13.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#08: Genealogy data codes.
One page list of 51 Genealogy data codes in electronic format.  Plus print-out list for Ulmer family of Hosmer (Edsmonds County), South Dakota [Stamped: Kermit B. Karns, 5329 North Michigan Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64118, dated 16 January 1973.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#09: Gackle, Logan County Churches.
Gackle (Logan County), North Dakota in 1903 founded mercantile store and post office (eight miles south of Gackle) by George Gackle and George Elhard, new town named for George Gackle, with Northern Pacific Railway in 1905.  One hundred seventeen ethnic German families settled in 1891-1893 from South Russia with forty-five families identified from Bessarabia and Glueckstal Colonies twenty-three family names identified.  Six churches in Gackle:  1) Emmanuel Lutheran, 2) First German Congregational, 3) Grace Baptist, 4) Church of God, 5) Seventh Day Adventists, 6) St. Anna Catholic.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#09: Rath/Church history.
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church (Wisconsin Synod), Fiftieth Anniversary (1911-1961), Akaska, South Dakota: ten pages [photo copy includes photo images].

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#10: Rath/Church history.
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church and School, Dedication, 26 July 1959, Mobridge, South Dakota: Mobridge Reminder Print, 1959, pages 12.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#11: Rath/Church history.
Church of St. John the Baptist (Catholic Church), Golden Jubilee 1906-1956, Onaka, South Dakota: William O. Brady, Bishop of Sioux Falls (printer), 1956, pages 70.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#12: Rath/Church history.
Evangelical United Brethren Church, Seventy-Fifth Anniversary, 1886-1961, Eureka, South Dakota: (Le Mars, Iowa printer) 1961, pages 20, includes photos.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#13: Rath/Church history.
St. John’s Lutheran Church, Seventy-Fifth Anniversary, 6 October 1957, Yankton, South Dakota: [Sioux City Printer?], 1957, pages 14, includes photos. [Note: Marginal Notations of history.]

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#14: Rath/Church history.
St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, 50th Anniversary, 1909-1959, Lemmon, South Dakota: [local printing], 1959, pages 12 [Note: German language Church Services Prohibited in South Dakota during 1918.]

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#15: Rath/Church history.
St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Diamond Anniversary, 1888-1963, Bowdle, South Dakota: Pioneer Press, Bowdle, South Dakota, 1963, pages 14, Wisconsin Synod.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#16: Rath/Church history.
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, 45th Anniversary, 1910-1955, Akaska, South Dakota: [local printer], 1955, pages 4.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#17: Rath/Church history.
St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1893-1943, 50th Anniversary, Roscoe, South Dakota: [local printer], October 1943, pages six (includes German text to hymns), (Inscribed: Pastor Rev. M.P. Janke, includes photos of Wisconsin Synod.)

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#18: Rath/Lutheran Synod history.
Eidenberg, C, (Lutheran pastor) Die Evangelische Synode von Nord-Amerika (21 years), Baroda, Michigan: unknown printer, 1929, pages 22.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#19: Rath/Church history.
Der Bote aus Zion, Jerusalem: Foerderung der Evangelischen Mission im Heiligen Lande (USA: Mr. A.W. Fiedler, Boonton, New Jersey), Syrisches Waisenhaus/Schnellersches Waisenhause,: Koeln-Marienburg, Germany, July 1949, pages 22, includes photos.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#20: Rath/Church history.
St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Congregation, 1887-1962, Diamond Jubilee, Mound City, South Dakota: Pollack Pioneer printer, 1962, pages 10. (Wisconsin Synod).

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#21: Rath/Nebraska Lutheran Synod.
Teckhaus, H.U., Synodal-Bericht, Verhandlungen der 45 Versammlung der Deutschen Evangelical-Lutheran Synode von Nebraska, Wayne, Nebraska: Wayne Herold, 1934, pages 64. Includes photos.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#22: Rath/Congregational Unity.
Congregational Churches of America, “New Frontiers of Faith,” 42nd Conference (Zion United Church of Christ), Lincoln, Nebraska: Unknown printer, 1964, pages 30.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#23: Rath/Church history.
St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1929-1954, “Twenty-Five years of Grace,” Batesland, South Dakota, unknown printing, 1954, pages 8.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#24: Rath/Schneider ocean-ship diary.
Schneider, Johannes, (Reformed pastor), “Zwoelf Tage auf dem atlantischen Ocean,” Winnipeg, Canada: National Press Limited, Winnipeg/Manitoba, 1921, pages 39.  [Inscribed on cover: Herrn G(eorge) Pfaffen Rath von (mentor) Pastor A. (Johannes Schneider].  [Rev. Johannes Schneider, born Balzer colony, Volga, in 1845, and studied in Basil, Switzerland, crossed Atlantic Ocean on Dampfer (Steamer Ship) “Grampian” from Antwerp, 18 December 1920, to St. John and Montreal, Canada.]

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#25: Rath/Wisconsin Lutheran Synod.
“Bericht ueber die 16 Synodal Versammlung des Wisconsin Distrikts der Evangelisch-Lutheranisch Synod von Iowa und anderen Staaten,” Waverly, Iowa: Wartburg Publishing House, 1914, pages 62.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#26: Rath/Wisconsin Synod history.
Fredrich, Edward C., (professor), “The Minnesota District’s First Fifty Years,” 1918-1968, New Ulm, Minnesota: Dr. Martin Luther College, 1968, pages 31.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#27: Rath/Wisconsin Synod.
“Bericht ueber die 17 Synodal Versammlung des Wisconsin Districts der Evangelisch-Lutheranische Synode von Iowa und andern Staaten,” Mai 1915 at Ripon, Wisconsin; Waverly, Iowa: Wartburg Publishing House, 1915, pages 59.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#28: Rath/Church history.
Zelms, Rev. E.J., St. John’s Evangelical-Lutheran Church, Sixtieth Anniversary of Congregation, 1910-1970; Dowagiac, Michigan: self-published, 1970, pages 31.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#29: Rath/Nebraska Congregational.
By Campbell, I.C.G., “Brief History of the Lincoln Association” (1875-1965 Nebraska Congregational Churches); Weeping Water, Nebraska: Unknown printer, 1965, pages 60.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#30: Rath/Congregational USA.
Congregational Churches of America (general conference), Diamond Jubilee (1883-1959), Fresno, California: Pioneer Press, Yankton, South Dakota; 1959, pages 31.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#31: Rath/Lutheran Iowa Synod.
“Bericht ueber die 30 Versammlung des Westlichen Districts der Synode von Iowa and andern Staaten,” Cole Camp, August 1924, Missouri, Waverly, Iowa: [Wartburg Publishing House], 1924, pages 83.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#32: Rath/Lutheran Iowa Synod.
“Synodal-Bericht der Deutschen Evangelisch-Lutheranischen Synod von Nebraska,” Hastings, Nebraska: (Martin Luther Seminary Press, Lincoln Nebraska ??), 1918, pages 47.  [Inscribed “Raabe” for Friedrich Rake, secretary.]

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#33: Rath/Missouri Lutheran Synod.
Protokoll der Genera-Conferenz der Evangelischen Synode des Westens (Juli 1872, Salems-Kirche in Quiney, Illinois) St. Louis, Missouri: Druck von August Wiebusch und Sohn, 1972, pages 20.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#34: Rath/Lutheran Constitution.
“Konstitution der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Synod von Iowa und andern Staaten,” Waverly, Iowa: Druck des Wartburg Publishing House, 1921, pages 20.  [Inscribed: George Rath.]

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#35: Rath/Church history.
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, 50th Anniversary, (1918-1968) Chamberlain, South Dakota, (1899, Ola, Red Lake, West Point, Pukwana, and White Lake rural congregations); Chamberlain, South Dakota: Register Publishing 1968, pages 9, with photos.  [Note: 1908 photo of draft horses towing old Pukwana Church Structure; 1917 photo of two steam tractors towing enlarged church structure.]

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#36: Rath/Church history.
First Reformed Church (Volga-German Reformed) Church, 50th Anniversary (1919-1969), Flint, Michigan; unknown press, 1969, pages 35, includes photos.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#37: Rath/Church history.
Hope Valley Church; 1907-1939 (German Free Church = unaffiliated) (near St. Francis), Cheyenne County, Kansas [Rieb families], Denver, Colorado: unknown printer, 1970, pages 16.

GRHC_Ephemeral_Peru_NE_#38: Rath/Church history.
Eben-Ezer: Die Geschichte der Medina-Pfarrstelle Nach fuenfund swanzig Jahren von 1903 bis 1928.  Medina and Streeter [Stutsman County], North Dakota: [N.P.], 1928, pages 31.  Pastors G.H.E. Kaempchen in Medina and I.A. Ritterhaus, Streeter, North Dakota.  Includes founding of Mission and establishing from 1889 through 1903.  [Inscribed: Ludwig Ebel and Mrs. Ben Eissinger.] Evangelical [Reformed] parish, merged as Evangelical United Brethren (E.U.B.) after 1930.

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